Cancellation Policy


These terms are a legal and binding agreement between you and our company governing the use of the services offered by Ohio Luxury Transportation & Airport Service, LLC. (OLT)

A $200 NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER will be charged at the time the reservation is made (other than Airport transfers & Point to Point Service). All airport and point to point reservations will be AUTHORIZED(Held) with a Credit Card prior to reservation confirmation and subject to the cancellation policy listed below. Unless prior arrangements have been made. Pricing quotes are estimates only. Additional charges for stops, waiting time, parking, etc. may apply. Final charges for the trip are determined upon completion. Certain Restrictions May Apply.

Please note that all quotes are subject to final review. While we strive for accuracy, OLT cannot be held liable for any glitches in our reservation software that may lead to misquotes or display rates inconsistent with our current pricing. To ensure accurate information, we recommend confirming rates with our customer support team before finalizing your reservation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Cancellation Policy:

(SUV’s Non-Hourly Services) All cancellations made with less than (2) hours prior notice to your scheduled pick-up time may be responsible for the full amount of the reservation charge. Provided the Client has provided OLT with departing flight info, any Flights CANCELLED prior to the driver’s departure to the client will not be charged. Changes to a reservation must be made ONE (1) Hour prior to your scheduled pick-up time to avoid full/wait time charges. OLT is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. ALL CHANGES MUST BE MADE WITH DISPATCH, NOT THE CHAUFFEUR.
(SUV Hourly Services) All cancellations must be made SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours prior and confirmed to your scheduled pick-up time to avoid a full charge. Changes to a reservation must be made four (4) hours prior to your scheduled pick-up time to avoid full/wait time charges.
2 point to point reservations on the same day with less than 3 hours wait time will automatically convert to an hourly reservation.
Any credit granted for any reason towards future reservations shall be valid for a period of 180 days from the date of modification of the original reservation.


(SUV’s Non-Hourly Services) Our Standard Affiliate Cancellation Policy requires a (12) twelve-hour prior notice prior to your clients’ scheduled pick-up time to avoid any fees. All cancellations made with less than (2) two hours prior notice to your clients’ scheduled pick-up time will be responsible for the FULL amount of the reservation charge.

No-Show & Wait Policy:

Our dispatch office is open 7am-11pm seven days a week. After Hours is Monitored. If for any reason the client cannot locate their chauffeur, please contact our office immediately at 330-281-9953. A no-show is charged in the event the client fails to contact our dispatch office, locate their chauffeur, and/or leave the pick-up location. No-shows are charged the full amount of the scheduled trip. On airport pick-ups, the trip will be considered a no-show if you do not contact your chauffeur or dispatch within 45 minutes of gate arrival time for domestic arrivals or within 90 minutes of gate arrival time for international arrivals. If we have prior instructions to wait and/or approval for wait time, you need not contact us.

Travel to the Airport for commercial flight: Full/wait time charges are applicable if the client’s carrier cancels or delays your flight and you do not notify us 2 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
Travel from the Airport for commercial flight: We will track the flight number given at the time of reservation. The client is responsible for all related charges if the wrong flight number is provided at the time of booking. Full/wait time charges are applicable.
Due to the uniqueness of servicing ALL Charter inbound Flights charges are a 2 hr min unless specifically negotiated and noted by OLT management. (This includes all rates regardless of what is quoted online prior to final trip verification.)
Airport Departure Transfers and Point-to-Point Transfers are scheduled at a specific time. For departures, we will arrive at the time scheduled. There is a 15-minute grace period from this time. If the time goes over the grace period wait time is accrued in 15-minute increments at regular hourly vehicle rates.
Airport ARRIVALS are monitored and we understand flights may be delayed or early. We will arrive at the time the plane lands. We understand there is time needed to deplane, pick up luggage, and in some cases clear customs. Your chauffeur will reach out upon flight landing and we allow up to 30 minutes with no waiting time. If the time goes over this grace period the wait time is accrued in 15-minute increments at regular hourly vehicle rates.

Our chauffeurs are able and required to help with and load bags up to 50 lbs. each. If an item exceeds this weight or is particularly large, they might need your help. Typically, every passenger is allowed one suitcase, one carry-on, and one personal item. Items that are overweight, oversized, or additional may incur a $10 fee each. However, items like wheelchairs, walkers, car seats, and strollers are exempt from any charges. It will at the discretion of the chauffeur if additional fees will be incurred.

Special Events & Peak Demand Rental Times:

Special events and peak demand periods both locally and in other markets OLT serves may dictate premium pricing, higher hourly minimums, and in some cases multi-day minimums, and additional notice for changes and cancellations. Vehicles are generally in more limited supply for the higher demand and often times supplemental vehicles are required to accommodate this demand. As much notice as possible will be given when this applies

Special Events & Peak Demand Cancelations:

Our cancelation policy for Special Events & Peak Demand reservations is strictly enforced and requires that any cancelations be made at least 4 weeks prior to the event date. Please note that there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, however, in the event that a cancelation is made with less than 4 weeks’ notice, a minimum cancelation fee of 50% will apply. In some cases, no refund may be issued. We regret to inform you that deposits and retainers are non-refundable and are considered a commitment to securing your event date and services. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our cancelation policy.

Overtime Policy: (Hourly/As Directed):

Overtime will apply after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time as noted on the reservation has expired and will be charged by the hour at that’s vehicles current hourly rate (regardless if it’s less than 60mins). OLT is not responsible for delays or the termination in winter caused by unsafe road conditions (ie. not salted, accidents, etc.).

We provide you with a 15-minute grace time before the OVERTIME rate begins as a courtesy because we are aware that unexpected events can happen. We ask the same of you in return. Even while we always strive to arrive early, occasionally circumstances beyond our control cause us to be a little late. If this occurs, we always attempt to keep you informed.


On Point To Point transfers and trips To The Airport, 15 minutes of wait time is included in the rate and scheduled for the chauffeurs. After 15 minutes, your chauffeur will inform you if they can wait an extended time. (at an additional cost) At 30 minutes past the scheduled pickup time, our chauffeurs will continue to wait ONLY IF THEIR SCHEDULE ALLOWS IT.

To provide excellent customer service to all clients, our chauffeur will be required to leave 30 minutes after the scheduled reservation time. The reservation will be considered a NO SHOW and NO SHOW rates will be applied.

For service From The Airport, 30 minutes of the wait time is included in the rate once the flight has Arrived. If no contact is made with passengers within 45 mins of the flight landing The reservation will be considered a NO SHOW and NO SHOW rates will be applied.

Wait time (Point to Point/Transfers):

Wait time will apply after the first 15 minutes upon arrival to pick-up time as noted on the reservation. It will be charged in quarterly increments at that’s vehicles current hourly rate. OLT is not responsible for delays or the termination in winter caused by unsafe road conditions (ie. not salted, accidents, etc.).

Transfer and Point-to-Point service is from one location directly to another. Charges may accrue for additional stops or wait time.

Later than 10 PM Pick-Ups: (Hourly/As Directed):

As Directed / Hourly reservations with a pick-up time later than 10 p.m. are not accepted without prior approval. Staff and customer safety has always been a top priority for us, and it is now more than ever in light of the past pandemic, as well as the way society has continued to descend into moral decay.

Premium Hour Pick-Ups:

Reservations scheduled for pick-up times between 11 Pm-4:59 Am are charged a premium hour fee that goes directly to the chauffeurs as an added incentive to work these early morning hours which are traditionally 1 off trips instead of multiple trips grouped together.

Prom & Formal School Events Special Policy:


The client or legal guardian of the client named on the reservation assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the rental for PROM by them or any members of their party. A minimum fee of $200.00 up to the actual cost of repair including any charges related to any type of damage caused by the party during the rental may be assessed. A Sanitation fee of $500.00 is assessed for any bodily spills clean up. There is NO SMOKING of ANY KIND (including Vaping) in any OLT vehicles. ANY underage alcohol consumption or drug use is prohibited by law. Any fines will be paid for by the customer.


***OLT is not liable for delays caused by road closures, GPS mapping errors, accidents, airline delays, weather, traffic, or conditions beyond our control. We will notify you of these conditions as soon as possible.

No discounts or refunds will be issued due to electronic malfunctions including lighting, monitors or stereos nor complimentary items being unavailable.


Dispatch must be notified at the time the reservation is made of any pets traveling. Not notifying dispatch at the time the reservation is made will result in a $25 fee. This is of high importance due to the chauffeur needing to get the vehicle vacuumed before the next run. All damage from a pet will result in a minimum fee of $250 up to the actual cost of repair including any charges related to cleaning up accidents.


By Ohio Law OLT is NOT ALLOWED to provide any type of alcohol to our clients. Although the consumption of alcohol is permitted and legal in our vehicles if all passengers are at least 21 years of age. OLT has a Strict NO Underage Drinking or NO illegal drug use at any time during the charter. If this becomes a problem the charter will end immediately with NO REFUND.


OLT and its affiliates assume NO liability for lost or damaged items left in vehicle. We will do our best to return items left in the vehicle at our discretion. But we are not responsible for the cost or transportation associated with returning any items.


There is NO SMOKING / VAPING / E-CIGARETTES allowed in any of our vehicles. Federal Regulation Prohibits Smoking. ( 374.201). A min $450 cleaning fee will automatically be added for any violation of this policy. Illegal drug possession or use is prohibited by law.


When available we can provide child car seats to our clients for a fee. It is the responsibility of the client to install and ensure the car seat is the proper type and is correctly installed in the vehicle. OLT is in no way liable for anything related to or use of the car seats provided to their clients.


If there are any other damages to the vehicle while in the customers possession the cost to replace item and have item installed will be charged. Examples: Stereo Equipment, Monitors, Upholstery, Windows and Glass. There is a minimum charge of $500.00 for Vomit or any Bodily Fluids in the vehicle and this is NON-NEGOTIABLE. If anyone feels ill, please ask the chauffeur to stop.


All fees for parking and toll charges will be added to the bill at the end of the trip. Unless prior arrangements have been made and noted on your reservation.


OLT is aware that occasionally you may need to make a short notice or same-day reservation, and we will make every effort to do so without affecting any of our already scheduled clients. In order to accommodate you in our typically busy schedule, we asked that your pick-up and drop-off times be flexible by about 10 minutes either way (if needed).


All unscheduled or additional stops are at the discretion of OLT depending on our schedule. The chauffeur will need to get approval from dispatch. Unscheduled stops along the route will be billed at the hourly rate for the vehicle with a minimum of $15 per stop.

Expedite Toll:

Given the current increase in demand for short-notice service requests and the limited availability of professional chauffeured services, OLT has implemented an expedite toll that applies to any same-day reservation request, with an escalation ladder for reservations made within 12 and 6 hours of the pick-up time.


Vehicles may not be loaded beyond seating capacity. The driver has the right to terminate the run without refund if there is a blatant indiscretion on the part of the client to ANY of OLT policies. OLT is not liable in the event of a mechanical breakdown while on charter. Lost time may be either refunded or applied to a future trip.


All quotes are provided solely for the purpose of calculating pricing. The rate quoted is not guaranteed, and you will not know the final price until your reservation is confirmed. Inside Meet & Greet service is available at an additional cost. Parking, tolls, and special passes are not included in quotes unless they are agreed upon in advance and stated on the reservation.


OLT at its discretion may use qualified affiliates to provide ground transportation services as requested by our clients.

Weather and Traffic Condition Disclaimer: Please note that the rates quoted or posted for our services are based on normal weather and driving conditions. In the event of unforeseen extreme weather or significant traffic disruptions on the day of your service, these rates may be subject to change without prior notice. Additionally, the specific vehicle type selected for your reservation may also change under these circumstances. Our goal is always to ensure the safest and most efficient travel experience, and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility in these rare instances.

Holiday Hours:
Holiday pricing is in effect for New Year’s Day (all day), Valentine’s Day (4pm and later), Easter (all day), Memorial Day (all day), Independence Day (all day), Labor Day (all day), Halloween (4pm and later), Thanksgiving Day (all day), Christmas Eve (4pm and later), Christmas Day (all day), and New Year’s Eve (4pm and later).

All reservations have a 20% Gratuity which is added to all trips for your convenience, if you prefer to tip in cash please notify us ahead of time. Pricing quotes are estimates only. By submitting your credit card information you agree to all terms of this reservation.

***PLEASE NOTE, As of this reservation, it is acknowledged that you are aware and understand that all money collected are subject to our cancellation policy above and ALL RETAINERS are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason***

By confirming your reservation, and providing us with your payment information you hereby acknowledge and agree to all Policies, Procedures, and Charges for services rendered.

Again, thank you for your patronage. We look forward to serving you. If for any reason you need to cancel this reservation, please call us 24/7 ASAP. THANK YOU

Ohio Luxury Transportation & Airport Service, LLC.

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